Funeral Flowers: Who Should I Address Them To?


It is always an endearing gesture to send funeral flowers to a grieving family after the loss of a loved one. The common question that arises often with funeral flower etiquette is who to address the arrangement to. 


When sending your funeral flowers to the address of the funeral home, be sure to clearly mark your card so there is no question as to where the funeral director should set them up. Funeral homes may have more than one wake happening on a given day, so it is best to include a proper salutation.


Writing, ‘To The Funeral of Mr. John Doe,’ is an acceptable way to address your sympathy. You may want to include a brief personal message and then sign off on the card with, ‘My Deepest Sympathy,’ or ‘With Love and Sympathy,’ and then sign your first and last name on the card.


It is important to have your name clearly written on your condolence card so that the family will recognize your kind gesture. Most families will send out thank you notes for their funeral flowers, so you may want to include your address as well. 


It is also a good idea to address the type of funeral flower arrangement you have sent on the backside of the card. The funeral director will usually collect all of these personal cards and give them to the family all together, so you will just want to include a kind reminder for their benefit.


Keep in mind the family’s religion when you address funeral flowers. Normally, the Jewish faith does not practice the tradition of receiving flowers after the loss of a loved one, but Catholics and Protestants do. 


As long you express your kind sympathy for the grieving family, there is no wrong way to address funeral flowers. Just be sure your name is on it along with the name of the life lost so there will be no confusion.