How To Preserve Funeral Flowers

There are many ways to preserve funeral flowers into long lasting cherished pieces of art that you can keep in your home. One very special way is to have your flowers preserved into a candle. Your florist will freeze dry the flower whole and place it into a glass container that supports a candle. This can be used like any other candle in your home.

If you wish to preserve the funeral flowers on your own, here is an idea that was inspired from a gift that I had received after experiencing the loss of a loved one. You can first dry the flowers upside down, preferably indoors in a place where they will not be disturbed in any way. Touching or bumping the flowers even slightly may cause the petals to fall off. Once they are dried, carefully snip the stem off from the bud, again be sure to use very sharp scissors so you are not wrestling with the flower.

Once you have your preserved buds, you can place them in a plastic or glass shadow box, which you can find at most craft stores. Be sure to find one that will house your flowers snuggly. To finish off your shadow box, tie a matching ribbon around it that will compliment the color of your preserved funeral flowers. I have a beautifully preserved yellow rose that is decorated with a lovely satin yellow bow. Keeping the funeral flowers in a shadow box prevents discoloration and damage and is a lifelong keepsake.

Do not be afraid to also encourage your florist to come up with unique ways of preserving your funeral flowers. Many of them will have a large selection of pictures of what they have previously done, so do not be afraid to ask to see a portfolio. You will find that preserving your funeral flowers from a loved one’s ceremony offers additional consolation in your everyday life.