Patriotic Funeral Flowers: honoring the fallen


Patriotic funeral flowers are a very symbolic way to honor a fallen loved one with the proud colors of our nation’s flag. There are many floral types you can buy to strike up a beautiful red, white and blue bouquet. 


Carnations, for example can come in all three colors. You can also purchase white lilies and blue statice flowers to add more of a variety to the bouquet. You may also ask your florist to put together a red, white and blue standing spray with the varieties he or she has available. Many of them will come prepared with a large decorative ribbon to accent our nation’s colors. If you do not want the arrangement to be too flashy, you can simply ask for a spread of white and yellow flowers and then tie a red, white and blue ribbon onto it to finish it off nicely.


You may also wish to purchase a small basket with a flower arrangement inside. If again, you wanted to keep a red, white, and blue theme, ask your florist about putting red roses, white daisies and blue hydrangea together for you. If your florist does not have one of these flowers to complete the color theme you want, inquire about any other flowers that would make a nice substitute in the basket.You also may want to ask about what decorative ribbons your florist carries that would accent your arrangement.


Regardless of which way you choose to show your gratitude and heartfelt sympathy, there are numerous internet florists with an abundance of flowers to choose from if your local florist does not have what you want.  Many have pre-made arrangements in baskets and as wreaths like I mentioned above.  You will just need to set aside some time to go through all of the varieties and pictures they have on their web site. Most online florists will deliver nationally and will have your patriotic funeral flower arrangement ready for next day delivery. 


The best way to honor the fallen is to send a patriotic funeral arrangement.  Show your own pride and gratitude by sending red, white, and blue.