Sending Funeral Flowers with a Message


It is always generous to send a heartfelt gift of funeral flowers with a message to the grieving family. Many people, however, are sometimes at a loss of words when it comes to what to say. 


Sending funeral flowers is the easy part, so what should you say in the message? First of all, you can choose from a variety of wreaths, baskets and sprays to send to the funeral home. Always be sure your message is addressed properly to the service home where they are to be delivered. Always include who the arrangement is for, as often times funeral homes are servicing another funeral at the same time.


The proper way to address a funeral flower message is, “To The Funeral of Mr. John Doe.’ You may want to include a brief personal message and then sign off on the card with, ‘My Deepest Sympathy,’ or ‘With Love and Sympathy,’ and then sign your first and last name on the card.


It is also a good idea to properly identify your funeral flowers with a brief message on the back of your card indicating what your gift is. This will make it easier for the family to remember what you brought and in turn be able to thank you for it.


Sending a funeral flower arrangement is not the only way to express your message of sympathy. You could make a donation to a charitable cause that is close to the family’s heart. In this case, you would simply send them a card with a message saying, “in lieu of flowers, I have donated fifty dollars to the American Cancer Society.” This is a very generous and heartfelt message to send to the family.


When sending a funeral flower message to express your sympathy, just keep it short and simple and include your name. Your kind regards will contribute to the family’s healing process in their time of grieving.