Spending Money on Funeral Flowers

Are you wondering how much money to spend on flowers for a funeral?


Spending money on funeral flowers usually should not be an issue. There are a plethora of arrangements to choose from, ranging from around twenty dollars and soaring up into the hundreds. 


Some of less expensive varieties are simple bouquets and arrangements that can be conveniently sent to the funeral home. You can ask your florist to design a special bouquet based on the budget you have, or you can simply look online as many have pictures of what they offer with the prices listed.


If you are looking to be extravagant when spending money on funeral flowers, you can choose to purchase a tribute basket that will have a variety of beautiful flowers in it.  These are usually quite elaborate and can start at about eighty dollars.


You also have the option of purchasing a standing spray, which may contain the same large amount and varieties of flowers as the basket, but will stand out a bit more prominently. These are also available to be set in a wreath style. You may also look into purchasing a lovely plant as opposed to spending your money on funeral flowers. Most florists have a limited variety of plants, but some may include small palms, cactus gardens, and a mixture of green leafy plants, all of which are acceptable to send as gifts.


When spending money on funeral flowers it is also important to consider delivery charges, as that is the way most flowers end up at the desired sites. Some florists will charge up to twenty dollars for delivery services and also have limited times of delivery.


You might have to consider paying a bit more for last minute delivery options.

Regardless of what you choose to send to express your sympathy, pay more attention to tradition and giving an eloquent gift rather than worrying about how much money you are spending. Your gift will be appreciated no matter how much you spend on the funeral flowers.