Writing Thank You Notes For Funeral Flowers


Writing thank you notes for funeral flowers is a kind way of letting somebody know you appreciate their thoughts and efforts in comforting you in your time of loss. Having to go to the funeral of a loved one is so hard, but to have their wake or burial ground adorned with such beautiful flowers makes it a more peaceful journey not only for you, but for anyone else who also feels the loss. It is important that you set a little time aside to say ‘thank you.’


Sending out thank you notes should not be limited just to those who have sent funeral flowers. Anyone who has made a memorial contribution or brought food to the house of the grieving family, for example, should receive a thank you note. Generally, anyone making a tangible contribution deserves acknowledgement via a thank you note.


You should send your thank you notes regarding funeral flowers or any other contribution within two weeks. Generally, you should always send out any thank you note within thirty days of receiving a gift. Waiting too long, no matter what the occasion, should be avoided. It is not necessary to send a letter, but a small personal note is fine.


If you feel as though you are at a loss of words, there are numerous resources on the Internet that can help you to formulate the appropriate words to say thank you. You can also simply pick up pre-packaged thank you notes. These are available in many retail stores and require you to just fill out the person’s name and then sign your own. You may wish to also include a quick personal line to show your gratitude for the gifts and funeral flowers.


Do not avoid showing your appreciation, sending a quick note is the best and most convenient way to say thank you for the funeral flowers.