What Flowers Are Appropriate For Child's Funeral?

Many of the arrangements offered for a child’s funeral do not vary much from those offered for adult services. You can choose from bouquets, baskets and decorative sprays. You may want to consider, however, adding balloons to the child’s funeral flower arrangement to make an extra celebratory toast to a young life lost. This is suggested because often times, other children will be attending and you want to be sure to make it a comforting environment to those who may not yet fully understand death.

Friends of the child who has passed are encouraged to write notes expressing their sorrow and including pictures with their gift of flowers. Services for children are also shorter in length and may include special music. It is always a good idea to check with the parents about the kind of ceremony they are planning and then adjusting your gift accordingly.

You can choose to buy a decorative spray for their child’s casket, which are offered in petite versions and can include a variety of different flowers. You may also want to consider the child’s favorite colors when ordering funeral flowers for a child’s service. As you know, flowers come in all colors and shapes, so you may want to check with the parents to see if they have a particular color theme for the service. If you feel the color would not look as nice as say, a white floral arrangement would, consider adorning your funeral flowers with a colorful ribbon of the child’s favorite color.

When considering another thoughtful gift, a small bush is a lovely gesture of remembrance as it can be taken home and planted in the family’s yard. This can give the family an additional place to recognize the life they lost right in their own yard as opposed to visiting a grave site.

In any occasion of a child’s funeral, buying flowers can be a bit more challenging. Always check with the child’s parents before planning anything elaborate.